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My name is Alice Wong, for those interested this is my biography:

Alice was born in Sabah, which is on the eastern island of Malaysia. She was introduced to music by her father, a versatile musician, playing various musical instruments such as harmonica, guitar, accordion, clarinet, Chinese flute and keyboard.

By the age of four, Alice sang a song popularized by Teresa Teng in her grandfather's 70th birthday anniversary celebration. After that occasion, she was nick named "Little Teresa" and was heralded as a future singer by the relatives and her family members.

She began music lessons by learning the organ. Being a natural talent, she appeared in the Yamaha Electone Annual concert in her hometown, Tawau, Sabah. She also participated in some junior singing competitions and won some prizes. At the age of twelve, she participated in the Yamaha Sabah Electone Festival and was First Runner-up in the Intermediate section in Kota Kinabalu. Four years later, she won another award in the Senior section. In 1998, she received her Electone Yamaha Organ teacher certificate. (Grade 5: fundamental and practical).

She was also actively involved in the brass band performance when she was ten. She played other musical instruments such as clarinet, percussion instruments and keyboard. Blessed with a generous height, she was offered to be the conductor in the brass band. She also attended the training course for band by Mr. Mitsuo Nonami in 1994.

Alice picked up piano lesson when she was sixteen. Within three years she passed her Grade 7 (ABRSM practical and theory) with distinction under the guidance of Mrs. Mikie Chin. The examiner has given her a positive result marking in her comment sheet. "The musical style nicely conveyed with richly sustained and expressive touch." She passed her Grade 8 Piano Practical and Theory (ABRSM) examination the following year with the guidance of Mdm. Morag Yong and Mdm. Lim May Wuey. Alice picked up some practice technique, memorizing technique and musical interpretation under the lecture of Dr. P'ng Tean Hwa when she was preparing her final piano recital in Sedaya College. She participated in a master class given by the pianist from Canada, Mr. Tristan Lauber and Dr. Chuah Cheong Leong from Cerro Coso Community College, USA.

Alice started her vocal training at the age of thirteen. She was specially picked by her vocal tutor, Mr Voon Kui Hing, to join the school choir. She performed as the lead singer in the choir and participated in the well-known Tawau's famous Lutheran church choir, which was conducted by Mr. Thomas Chin. She joined as a Soprano choir member and piano accompanist.

Alice participated in the Sabah states road show singing the famous oratorio by Handel, Messiah in 1995. The training and the choir rehearsal were conducted by the director of Church Music Division Associate Professor, Professor Wong Yau-Sun. Alice won the first runner up award for the Interschool Classical Singing Competition when she was sixteen. She also won the Best Stage performance awards in the evergreen Singing Competition at the same year.

She furthered her music studies in Sedaya College, Kuala Lumpur in 1996 after her 'A' Level London Board studies in Tawau, Sabah. She majored both in vocal and piano in Sedaya College. She was actively involved in the instrumental and vocal ensemble. Being assigned as both vocal and Instrumental ensemble leader, she learnt more about music leadership and the discipline of conducting an ensemble in the rehearsal. She picked up Marimba, Violin and drums during the Rakan Muda Camp in December 1997 and perform in the concert at Auditorium Dewan Bandaraya in Kuala Lumpur with the guest of honour being Y.B. Dato' Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, the secretary of Parlimen Kem. Belia dan Sukan.

In 1996, she passed her Grade 7 (ABRSM) vocal examination with distinction together with her Grade 7 (ABRSM) piano practical & theory examination. Comment such as "A Strong sense of musical line in this expressive presentation. A warm & pleasantly focused voice with sonorous tone and well in tune." was written on her examination comment sheet. In the same year, she played one of the roles in the Sedaya 7th Annual concert musical entitled "Have You Seen Her?".

She passed her Grade 8 Vocal Trinity College Board examination on the following year. In 1997, she won the champion in the Sedaya Cultural Week Singing Competition. She also performed in Mines Wonderland and the Canada National Day celebration at Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel as a lead singer in the choir. She was involved in the function performance during Christmas-eve in the Genting Highland Resort Hotel, Annual Orientation Nite organized by Sedaya College Student Council (Melia Kuala Lumpur Hotel in 1996, Legend Hotel in 1997 and Hotel Istana Hotel in 1998), an Ambassadors' Wives' luncheon with the appearance of YB Datin Seri Dr. Siti Hasmah Mohammad. She represented Sabah on the International Classical Singing Competition in 1998. She also won the weekly Champion in the Asia Bagus at end of the year 1998.

In 1999, she joined the well-known Accapella choir - The Chorister, conducted by Ms. Yap Cheng May and sang in the public performance at Experimental Theatre, Kuala Lumpur. Alice appeared in the choir in the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra concert in July 1999, which was conducted by the Resident conductor, Mdm. Chean See Ooi and the music director, Mr. Kees Bakels. She also performed as the choir member in the National Day with the MPO conducted by Mdm. Chean See Ooi. Alice joined the Asian Methodist church that consists of a thousand choir members and performed at the Bukit Jalil Putra Stadium on the November 1999 for Dr. Stephen Tong Christmas celebration talk.

After she finished her higher diploma education in Sedaya College. She took a degree in music performance at University Putra Malaysia. She received her vocal training under one of the Malaysia's leading versatile Soprano Lilian Lee Chooi Loan. Alice was also under the guidance of Mr. Lim Kian Tseng as her Classical vocal tutor and Mr. K.G. Tan as her Contemporary vocal trainer as well as her counselor in the present Entertainment world.

During her first year in UPM, she performed in the UPM Jazz concert as well as the UPM Annual concert. She has been invited as a guest singer in the UPM Disney choir concert in 2000.

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