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Yamaha CVP309 Digital Piano

The CVP309 Digital Piano utilizes the exclusive Natural Wood Keyboard feature, with real wood keys and sophisticated technology that faithfully reproduces the experience of playing an actual acoustic grand piano. From the natural, balanced weight and key mass to the authentic wood touch and fell - including rounded key tips and other genuine key shaped features - this new keyboard has a playability and expressiveness that goes beyond anything every available in an electronic instrument. The sound response varies according to velocity and key position (low notes having a slightly delayed response), and the characteristic weight gradations of the keys - heavy in the lowed end, light in the upper keys - make you feel as if your 're playing a real grand piano.

Exceptionally realistic AWM tone generation

The heart of the Clavinova's voices is in the AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) tone generation technology providing instrumental sounds of amazing realism and depth. The piano voices in particular benefit from the new Dynamic Stereo Sampling (DSS) system, which features recordings of differently played dynamics - from loud to soft - in order to fully capture the varying nuances in timbre and tone of a grand piano. Stereo Sustain Smaples recreate the unique resonance of the strings and soundboard of a real grand piano when the damper pedal is pressed, while Key-Off samples includ the characteristic sound that occurs when a key is released and the dampers fall back onto the strings.

MAKING IT REAL!Mega Voice technology

To enhance the playback of your recorded songs and the built-in accompaniment styles, the Clavinova features Yamaha's groundbreaking Mega Voice technology. Each Mega Voice not only has the fundamental tone of the original instrument, but also the various playing techniques and performance sounds - such as finger slides and fret noise on guitar voices - giving the sound incredible realism and expressiveness. The bundled CD-ROM includes the MEGAEnhancer, a software tool for automatically converting sequences song data enabling it to take advantage of the Mega Voice capabilities.

Extraordinary realistic, expressive voices

No matter what style of music you play, the Clavinova ensures you'll never be at a loss for voices. Hundreds upon hundreds of rich, realistic, dynamic voices and built into the instrument - with a selection of over 900 on the CVP309 Digital Piano. These include the specially sampled and programmed Sweet!, Live!, Cool!, and Natural! voices. The stunningly authentic instrument sounds make the Clavinova a treasure-trove of musical inspiration - providing a virtually endless palette for creative exploration and performance possibilities.

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